Gareth D Jones is an environmental scientist, writer and father of five, two of whom are also published authors. 

His first short story was published in 2004, and since then he's had over 200 publications in 32 languages, making him unofficially the second most widely translated science fiction short story author in the world. Why unofficially? Because there's no official ranking. From his involvement in the field, he believe he's second, but could be wrong.

He started reviewing genre magazines not longer after his stories started being published, when he realised that many of the small press magazines received little attention in the way of reviews. Later on, he started reviewing novels too, mostly for SF Crowsnest. He's currently on a sabbatical from reviewing, with over 300 reviews now published.

He's written five novels and, although none of them have yet been published, he remains hopeful. He's also written a small handful of non-fiction articles on the subject of writing.

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