Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Authorial Activities in 2019

My writing and publishing has slowed down over the past few years, but 2019 was not a bad year for both. I wrote six flash fiction stories at the beginning of the year, co-wrote a novelette with Alex and Haydn during the summer and then wrote another short story in November.

In terms of stories published this year, I had two stories podcast in English, stories published in Estonian, Galician, Hungarian and Romanian, a short story published in English and a reprint of a novelette. I also had a story accepted for a Slovenian magazine, and I was expecting the publication of Putting the Science in Fiction in Korean, so that's at least two lined up for 2020.

Friday, December 27, 2019

Book Review: Radicalized by Cory Doctorow

Don’t you hate it when technology tells you what to do? My car keeps telling me what gear to change into. It’s so annoying! If I wanted my car to tell me what gear to change into I’d have bought an automatic! I know how to drive a car without being told what gear to change into!

Read the rest of my review at SF Crowsnest.

Monday, December 02, 2019

The Gondolier Reprint: Ligurian

The Ligurian, or Genovese, translation of The Gondolier appeared on the website Genoves a few years back, but the website has since vanished. Here's the translation again.

O Gondolê

A neigra proa da mæ gondola a se fava stradda spedia tra e carme ægoe di canæ. A luxente barca a l'aveiva filòu pe tanti anni, pe portâ i pasagê atraverso i corsci d'ægoa da çitæ, goidâ da-e man de generaçioin di mæ antighi.
O sô o calava in sciâ çitæ vegia, e o rendeiva l'ægoa 'n frexetto d'inciòstro desteizo tramezo a-i eleganti palaççi de pria. Ò respiòu profondamente a fresca brixa da seia.

Gh'ea miga 'n pòsto ciù bèllo che questa mâvegiôza çitæ di canæ? Mentre a barca a s'avixinava a l'òrmézzo, me son fermòu a amiâ de d'ato, sodisfæto, o fâ da seia in scî çê de Marte.

Translated by Alan Gazzano