In July 2007 I went through a spate of writing drabbles - stories of exactly 100 words - and one of these was called The Gondolier. I posted it here on my blog, and the following year it was published in Spanish. Thus began a project that continues until now. I submitted The Gondolier to numerous magazines for translation into different languages, and also started asking friendly translators I met on line to translate it into numerous other languages to post on my blog.

The Gondolier has now been translated into 57 languages - higher than the number of languages I've been published in. It has been published in 21 of these languages and the rest appear here on this blog. More recently I wrote some new English versions in the style of other well-known authors.

In 2019 a display of The Gondolier in 42 languages appeared at WorldCon in Dublin. I'm hoping an even larger display will appear at WorldCon in Glasgow in 2024.

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