Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday Flash Fiction: Yn Aavuilley Moal

This week I present the 2nd of my stories to have been translated into Manx: Delayed Reaction. For other Manx stories and for Delayed Reaction in other languages, see the left hand side bar.

Yn Aavuilley Moal

’Sy stayd saveenagh eck, s’foddey yn traa v’ayn roish da’n woirrynagh vuillvollee vio-chlaghagh aavuilley. Fy yerrey hoal, lurg keeadyn dy vleeantyn erskyn earroo, raink ny buillaghyn nearag e h-inçhyn jeant clagh as hug ad jee yn çhaghteraght atçhimagh: dy row e stroin er ve giarrit j’ee dy bollagh.

As ish moostrey doaltattym, lheim ee gys e kiare maaigyn lesh gull angaaishagh va ry-chlashtyn veih’n Vooir Veanagh gys yn Vooir Yiarg, hug aggle ayns ny creeaghyn jeusyn ooilley ren clashtyn eh. Ren geinnagh roie myr eas veih ny lhiatteeyn eck, as ish çhyndaa as lheimmey lesh grayse aalin kaytoil harrish yn phyramid by niessey jee as hie ee ass shilley ’sy chraa-skell jeh Faasagh yn Sahara.

Yn Jerrey

Translated by Robard y Charlsalagh

A reprint of the English version of Delayed Reaction is due to appear in Cat Tales later this year.


Rajeev Ranjan said...

Dear Mr. Gareth
I would be happy to publish any short from you after translating it in hindi. Please Send a short story at my e-mail address ie.

Anonymous said...

A nice story. Thanks for the translation.