Monday, February 23, 2009


My copy of EF-Zin #14 arrived from Greece, and it’s a great little magazine. Glossy colour cover with internal black & white illustrations. The sketches to go with Fool Britannia are fantastic.

I’m left wondering how they translated ‘chameloderm helminthiihumanoids’.


Ευθυμία Ε. Δεσποτάκη said...

You forget the percentage of greek words in the english language. Chameleon = crawling lion (sorry, that's what ancient Greeks thought of the poor animal), derm = skin, helminthii = worms. All greek words... :)


Gareth D Jones said...

I should have known that as I made up the word, though I'm never sure which words come from Greek and which from latin.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

the translation was not that difficult as most of the words were Greek anyway, as Efthimia pointed out, but the translator took some liberties... as you can see in the sketches.
Actually. it's:
"χαμαιλεόδερμα καβουκοανθρωποειδή" (chameleoderma cavoukoanthropoidi).


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