Friday, April 21, 2006

Words About A Word...

It's 2 weeks since I got my copy of Scifantastic and read it cover to cover during that weekend.

Here are some comments I've received about my story A Word in the Right Place:

'Funny, but also kind of scary in a 1984 kind of way.'
'Very cool little story.'
'This is a very tightly written, sparkling little piece. Whether or not it's set in a sci-fi universe, and it may not even need to be, it makes for pretty effective, ironic, and comic commentary on people's attention span, and particularly on what gets the public's attention.'

I thought it interesting that 1984 was mentioned, the same reference that was made by one of the Australian editors.

I also got a note from Scifantastic editor Sarah Dobbs:

'Thanks for such an original story.'

Which was good, because magazine editors must see a lot of stories!

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