Monday, March 05, 2007

Absolute Zero

Almost 20 years ago during a physics lesson at school we were learning about the Kelvin scale and absolute zero. A friend and I came up with an idea for a story about an astronaut who's ship was frozen (very similar to Buck Rogers so far), but got so cold he went below absolute zero into a reverse universe where molecules worked backwards.

Sadly the story was never written, but the concept came back to mind more recently where it has lurked at the back of my mind waiting for a plot for several months. The new version of the story does away with astronauts altogether, but involves an ingeniuous piece of scientific equipment I've invented for the occasion. I finaly wrote the story last week, and it comes in around 3,100 words.

Unfortunately, 3/4 of that is description of the equipment and experiment; pretty dull unless you're a particle physicist. I like the concept though, so now I have three choices:

1. Add lots of dialogue / emotion / action to make it more exciting.
2. Cut out lots of technical jargon.
3. Both.

Can I bear to cut out any part of my lovingly created scanning neutrino microscope though?

Listen out for lots of weeping and gnashing of teeth as I'm forced to write a new draft of Absolute Zero.

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