Saturday, April 07, 2007


I've spent the day at Contempation, this year's Eastercon.

While there I met up with Gareth L Powell (aka the 'Other' Gareth) finally, and spoke briefly to Jetse De Vries from Interzone and Wendy Bradley from Farthing magazine.

I attended a couple of interesting lectures, on astronomy and on the fact that reality is just a construct of our minds, as well as touring the dealers' tables, visiting the art exhibition and listeneing to readings from the BSFA award-nominated novelists.

It was a very interesting day, not entirely what I expected, but I'm glad I was able to attend and soak up the atmosphere.

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GLP said...

Hi Gareth

It was good to finally meet you. Sorry I didn't get to see you again before you left - glad you enjoyed it.