Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Palindromic Story

Here’s a tough challenge: write a palindromic story, or even just a sentence, that makes sense. It’s fiendishly difficult. My 26 word attempt, or 52 words if you also read it backwards, doesn’t entirely adhere to the rules of grammar. It’s about a lycanthrope who gets stuck in a time loop while attempting to modify his own DNA:

I was on a reviled DNA time loop and I saw wolf and DNA flow. Was I DNA pool? Emit and deliver a no, saw I.

What it needs is a palindromic title. Email me with your suggestions. The winner will receive nothing but kudos.

If you manage to create a sentence that you can also read backwards, send that to me too.

If the idea has provided you with a moments amusement, pass it on to your literary friends.


Matthew Lowes said...

Gareth, Despite grammatical irregularities...or perhaps because of them your palindrome story is fantastic. An impressive feat, and it has an almost poetic feel to it. What was your method? Did you have a dictionary of palindromes?

Gareth D Jones said...

I found a couple of websites with both palindromes and back words to help me out. I didn't really have a method for writing the story; just lots of trial and error!