Friday, July 27, 2007

Friday Flash Fiction

Over on his blog, Gareth L Powell came up with the idea of posting a short story every Friday. Friday Flash Fiction has already been adopted by:

  • Paul Raven
  • Martin McGrath
  • Neil Beynon

  • I thought I'd join in too. The four drabbles I've written this week are unlikely to find a place in the very limited drabble market, so here's the first installment:

    The Gondolier
    By Gareth D Jones

    This story now appears in the Illuminations anthology.


    Anonymous said...

    Starts off ringing bells of Gene Wolfe, but that gets smashed by the mention of Mars.

    Anonymous said...

    Welcome to the funny farm!

    I liked this - it's mellow and the "twist" isn't too dramatic, just natural.