Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Half a Year of Reading

This year I’ve read far more short fiction than I ever have in the past – around 200 stories so far I reckon. Some of them have been great, some entertaining or thought provoking and some original. Other stories have been none of the above but well written nonetheless. Of course there have been some dire ones too.

By the end of the year I’m thinking of creating a list of my top ten favourite stories of the year, provisionally entitled the ‘My Opinion is no More Valid than Anyone Else’s’ Awards for this year’s new fiction.

Around half of what I’ve read so far this year isn’t new, so here’s a mention of my favourites since I last posted such a list in November:

Nature Tale by Matthew Hughes - Postscripts #8

The Fallen Angels of Jude by Terry Bramlett - Forgotten Worlds #6

Seize the Lightning by Law Yihua - Forgotten Worlds #7

Bubba Pritchert and the Space Aliens by Bud Webster - Hub #1

The Frog Pond by James S Dorr – Hub #1

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