Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Almost a Novelette

My Victorian adventure The Journey Within keeps on getting longer - 6,500 words now, with no end in sight. I'm thinking it'll be about 10,000 words eventually. It's already the longest single story I've written.

I had a bit of a rethink yesterday though; parts of the plot weren't developing well and seemed to be heading for a dead end. I've started going back through with some fairly heavy editing to change one of the major plot components before I continue. I've had the idea for this one for a long time, just obviously never thought it through very well!

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Carmelo Rafala said...

I posted a comment at your thread of August 30th, but I'll repost here. I have also been in Jupiter and I like your work there. I'm in Brighton. Where are you? Anyway, I'll try and check up on your other work. All the best.