Friday, September 14, 2007

Friday Flash Fiction: Parallels

By Gareth D Jones

Ironically they had chosen this wide open field to reduce the chance of meeting anyone. They had taken every precaution imaginable to avoid paradoxes. They had theorised about parallel universes and what might happen if he altered the course of time.

What they hadn’t considered was that from this moment, one year in Enoch’s past, a multitude of parallels had been created by innumerable choices in his life. In most of them he had continued his research into time travel. In most of them he had succeeded, had volunteered, had chosen the date of his anniversary to travel to, had chosen this wide open field.

Enoch stared round the now crowded field, at the thousands of parallels of himself all in turn staring at each other in shock.

The End

I was inspired to write this one after watching the film Deja Vu. In fact, I got up at 2 AM to write it, much to my wife's consternation!


Anonymous said...

A neat image as always Gareth. Nice one.

Anonymous said...

Another really good story revealed with fantastic economy and with added spooky "parallels" between yours and GLP's entry.

Anonymous said...

A great image - thousands of bewildered time travellers all trying to figure out what just happened. Nice idea, and concisely expressed.