Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Absolute Zero

My hard SF story Absolute Zero has appeared in the Greek magazine Ennea, or 9, the weekly supplement of one of Greece's major daily newspapers Eleftherotypia. The magazine apparently has a circulation of 200,000, making this probably my most widely read story.

This is the first time one of my stories has appeared in translation before it has in English, and is also the first paying foreign market to accept one of my stories.


Anonymous said...

Gareth - apologies if the answer to this is really obvious - do you submit the stories in English and they handle the translation or do you need to find someone to translate prior to submission?

GLP said...

Congratulations. I've had a couple of stories in Ennea, and as you say, their circulation is huge.

Gareth D Jones said...

Hi anonymous, ;o)

Yes, you submit in English and they do the translation, which is why most foreign markets don't pay. You can find more details on Doug Smith's site: