Thursday, October 25, 2007

Favourable Comments

A brief trawl through the webs this week dug up some nice comments on recent stories.

FreeSF gives Inside Every Successful Man '4 out of 5'. There are no other comments, but I'm happy with that score.

Regarding Looking In, Looking Out in Murky Depths #1, one comment on their forum says:

Gareth D Jones’ Looking In, Looking Out nearly made me cry. Which was the last thing I expected from a double page, diary-style piece, told from the dispassionate and innocent viewpoint of an alien, that can’t have been more than a few hundred words. I read it on the bus and hastily had to pull myself together for fear of losing face in front of the village school kids. It’s not what he says, it's what he doesn’t.

While over on SFRevu they say:

The first prose story is "Looking In, Looking Out" by Gareth D. Jones and is one of the best in the issue. An alien intelligence makes contact with an unborn child. Its observations make for a very good short-short story.

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