Friday, October 26, 2007

Friday Flash Fiction: Precious Cargo

Precious Cargo
By Gareth D Jones

This story now appears in the Illuminations anthology.

To commemorate the birth of my new baby girl I proposed the theme 'The New Arrival' for this week's Flash Fiction. It looks like most of the others didn't see my message though. Must find some way to communicate efficiently across the planet. Ideas, anyone?


Anonymous said...

A sweet little piece, and quite apt I think. :)

I saw the message but completely forgot - will see about doing a themed piece later this weekend or next Friday (NaNo permitting).

Anonymous said...

I liked this one a lot.

Much more cheery than my efforts - I just couldn't get the idea of the lone stranger from my head rather than other kind of new arrivals - ah well.

And congratulations again.

dan said...

didn't see the proposal, but I suppose mine this week could be crowbarred into the "New Arrival" theme. Purely by coincidence of course.
Also by coincidence, I've got a new baby girl myself (nine weeks old) so this one struck a chord with me