Monday, February 11, 2008

Aphelion's Best of 2007

The new edition of Aphelion is out, containing the editors' selection of the best of 2007. Included in the short story section are two that I included among my favourites of 2007: Michelle Dutcher's A Pocket Filled with Posies and John Hickman's Audience of One.

In the 'Serials' section (which includes novelettes and novellas) is The Blind Collaborators, the collaborative story that I wrote with Lee Alon, Nathan J Kailhoffer, Iain Muir and the enigmatic TauPhoenix. It's a thoroughly enjoyable story, which I can only say as I didn't write most of it. For the full story behind the collaboration, click here. You can also view the comments made at the time on the Aphelion forum.

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