Friday, February 08, 2008

Friday Flash Fiction: White Out

Almost another disasterous no-show for me this week. I had a story that I've been working on for a couple of days, and yesterday it was finished. Until I had an inspiration last night of a way to improve and expand the main character. So I added another 200 words today, taking it close to the 1000 word limit. It's still flash fiction, but much longer than I post most weeks. I'm not satisifed with it though. The concept is almost brilliant, but I don't have time to do it justice and it needs more work to get it right.

Fortunately I have another FFF idea that's been lurking for a couple of weeks, so I dashed that one out in 300 words today. I'm quite pleased with it, though a bit more time to polish would be nice; that's the idea of FFF though, so here it is:

White Out
By Gareth D Jones

White Out will be appearing in the July 2009 issue of Golden Visions magazine.


Anonymous said...

Nice conceit. :) I part-guessed what was coming, but while I expected the "tiny invaders" angle (who was it who wrote the story where the cat ate the diplomatic mission? Was that Wyndham?) I didn't see the snowflakes coming.

I look forward to reading the longer piece!

Gareth D Jones said...

Don't remember that one, but there was the Hitchhikers Guide incident where an entire battle fleet was swallowed by a small dog. That was actually the inspiration behind my earlier FFF Swarm.

Anonymous said...

Nice, made me chuckle.

I wrote a tiny-people-in-crystals story last week.

Gareth D Jones said...

Yes, read that one a week late. Another bizarre coincidene in the world of FFF...