Monday, February 18, 2008

One More Night

Here's another odd coincidence: The title of last week's FFF Mercurial Nights was inspired by The Arabian Nights, the same inspiration behind the long running magazine Scheherazade (she was the narrator of the 1001 nights). I reviewed Scheherazade #28 over a year ago, and it had been out some time then. They anounced in that issue that #30 would be their last. Since then their website has gone down, though I have meanwhile discovered that #29 was produced. So, anyway, the point of this waffle is that I heard from editor Liz Counihan this week:

Yes, we are preparing isue 30 of Scheherazade at the moment but it is going to be the last edition for the forseeable future as I want to spend more time with my computer! We've had some difficulty finding out why our website had gone down - it shouldn't have - but our webmaster is trying to get it going again.

So, the markest is still closed, but at least is still in existence!

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