Monday, May 12, 2008


Last week I read SF Choice 77, a great selection of stories that are now over 30 years old. Like much of the greatest SF, they haven’t aged at all – a sign of the great flexibility of our favourite genre.

That having been polished off fairly swiftly – books were rather thin before the 80s – I moved on to Foundation’s Fear. I read all of Asimov’s original Foundation series, starting when I was about 15. After his 2 prequels were published I then read the entire series again. I was a bit dubious when this new trilogy was released, though Greg Benford and David Brin are two of my favourite authors, but decided I would read the first at least. So I was quite shocked when I opened the book up and saw it was first published in 1997. I know I’ve been busy, but 11 years to get around to reading it?!

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