Monday, June 09, 2008


I made significant progress on the novel this weekend, finally breaking the 40,000 word barrier to make it now officialy a novel. Only a short one, but it's a giant step. It's taken a long time, hence the working title Eternity that I've been using up 'til now.

As hinted a couple of times on this blog, and as revealed to a limited number of people at Eastercon this year, I can now reveal further details. I am, in fact, working on a Roadmaker novel, for me the most enjoyable of the settings that I've so far created. The title is undecided, but from now on I'll refer to it as Roadmaker. I'm very excited about the way the plot is developing, and now I'm really getting into some serious progress I suspect my FFF contributions will become even more patchy than they have been of late. I'll still post on the occasional Friday, but Roadmaker is the way forward at the moment.


Anonymous said...

Hey Gareth, that sounds exciting. How does it compare to what's been published in Jupiter?

Good luck with it!


Gareth D Jones said...

Well, there's more pointless waffle, amusing anecdotes, numerous characters and a spot of romance. And The Road. In fact, I may well waffle about it in a post tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

"more pointless waffle"
I think you need to work on your selling tactics a little here :)