Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Reviews Pending

I’ve completed my review of Pantechnicon #7, so that should be appearing on a website near you soon. Meanwhile I’ve started reading Interzone #216, the mundane SF special. My review of that will turn up on Whispers of Wickedness in the next week or two.

I’ve been surprised at the amount of comment and controversy on the subject of mundane SF, though to be honest I haven’t really followed it too closely. As far as I can see it’s another sub-genre. I like a bit of space opera, some old-fashioned Victorian SF, hard SF, far-future mind-blowing SF, almost anything in fact. Mundane SF does seem to be more well-defined than other categories in terms of what can or can’t be included, but that’s no more restrictive than when I invent a setting and then have to stick to my own internal restrictions that I’ve created.

I’ve probably read lots of stories that you could call Mundane SF without really thinking about it. I’ll let you know what I think after I’ve finished reading the issue.

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