Monday, August 18, 2008

Exponential Growth

A while back I wrote a 500 word story that I was rather pleased with. It was concise and uncluttered the way flash fiction should be. Then I decided I could do more with it. I fleshed it out to 900 words and sent it in to my Orbitter writing group.

They liked it, but suggested that the 2nd half needed expanding. At that length there was a decision to be made: chop it back down to the original, or flesh it out more. The 900 word version didn’t really work.

So now it’s 1500 words, but as I was expanding the 2nd half of the story I started thinking about the implications of the story’s main feature and ended up with an entirely new and much bigger concept. I think the 1500 word story works, but suddenly I have enough story line for a novel.

How did that happen?

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