Monday, December 22, 2008

A Year of Flash Fiction

Little did I realise when joining the Flash Fictioneers in July 2007 what an impact it would have on my writing. I discovered that writing flash fiction is great fun, giving me the chance to experiment with form and style while using up all those little ideas floating round my head that otherwise would stay in orbit for a very long time.

I was posting them here on my blog and getting some nice comments on most of them, and didn’t really expect them to go much further. This year my flash fiction has really progressed, even though I haven’t been posting Friday Flash Fiction regularly since the summer.

• At Eastercon I co-hosted a flash fiction workshop with the other Fictioneers.
• We launched Illuminations, our flash fiction anthology in which 8 of my favourites were reprinted.
• During the workshop I wrote It’s A Sign which this month was published in VW Camper and Commercial, my third professional sale.
Travel by Numbers was intended as a FFF story, but I expanded it to just under a thousand words and sold it to Nature – my second professional sale.
• I sold The Ironic Man to the Pow!erful Tales anthology, due out in February.
Dog’s Best Friend will be appearing in a future issue of Jupiter.
Delayed Reaction is currently being considered by another editor – watch this space.
• My multilingual flash fiction project has led to me contacting a number of friendly translators and several of my stories are being translated into the languages of the UK and will be appearing here in the coming weeks.

That takes me on to translations, but I have so much to say about that too that I’ll need to write a separate post.

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