Monday, December 29, 2008

A Year of Translations

It’s been a good year for translations – particularly Spanish. I had three pieces of flash fiction in Efimeras again this year, and four reprinted in Breves No Tan Breves and Quimicamente Impuro.

That’s the only translations published this year but I’ve had several more accepted that should appear early next year:

Inside Every Succesful Man - Intercom SF - Italian
Roadmaker - Bli Panika - Hebrew
A Few Good Men - La Idea Fija - Spanish
Launch - Quimicamente Impuro - Spanish
Frozen - Breves No Tan Breves - Spanish
Roadmaker - Catarsi - Catalan

I’ve posted 2 Scottish Gaelic translations of my own flash fiction this month and there are translations into Scots, Manx and Cornish under way, to be followed by Welsh and Irish.

Only about 6000 languages to go…

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