Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hub's 100th Issue Approaches

If you're one of Hub's 10,000 subscribers you'll have noticed that the magazine is heading for its 100th issue - an impressive number for any magazine. I asked editor Lee Harris what he has in store for the occasion:

Issue 100 is a big deal for us - we never imagined it would actually
*last* for 100 issues! That's just crazy talk! But here we are...

We'll be running the winning entry in our short story competition,
alongside a feature from a well-known author.

A round-up of the highs and lows of the previous 99 issues, and we'll be
plugging the first ever Hub book. Possibly two (depending on time
availability between now and then). There'll be a competition to win one
of these, too, and maybe some other stuff.

Oh, and some podcast fiction, and the re-opening for subs (but in a more
controlled way than before - we rather let it get the better of us,

Issue 100. Who'da thunk it?

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