Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Reading Schedule

I’m currently in the midst of Tony Ballantyne’s fantastic robot novel Twisted Metal, a book that takes robots as far away from Asimov as I’ve ever seen. This was released in May, so the review will be a little late. Lined up I have an E-ARC of The Tel Aviv Dossier by Nir Yaniv, who edits a Hebrew SF zine, and Lavie Tidhar, whose name appears in the TOC of almost every magazine and anthology of note. I then have Warren Fahy’s Fragment, that promises to be a cross between Lost and Jurassic Park. Both of these are released today.

I’m expecting the latest issue of Jupiter soon, and a mailing from the BSFA I think, hopefully including my article in Focus. That’s my reading schedule full for the rest of July.

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