Monday, February 15, 2010

Friday Flash Retrospective

Starting in July 2007 I posted a flash fiction story on this site on most Fridays for over a year – a total of 39 in all. Since then I’ve started looking for homes for them elsewhere, and last week’s sale to the Daily Flash anthology prompted me to review how far I’ve got. Here are the statistics:

8 published in Illuminations – The Friday Flash Fiction Anthology
8 others published on-line or in print, plus 4 reprints
6 published and then reprinted in Spanish
6 published in 10 other languages – a total of 15 publications
6 more due to be published in English in the Daily Flash anthology, plus a reprint elsewhere
3 more due to be published in 2 other languages
3 currently under submission to English markets
2 under submission to 12 other language markets

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