Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Eastercon Saturday

Had a great time at Eastercon this year. I was only there for the Saturday, but met up with lots of authors, editors, publishers and others to chat about the trials of writing and other things.

Queued for lunch alongside Paul McCauley and Maura McHugh, had dinner with Toby Frost and David Hardy, chatted to Terry Martin of Murky Depths, Ian Whates of NewCon Press, Carmelo Rafala of Immersion Press, Martin McGrath of just about everything, Terry Jackman from Orbiter, artist Andy Bigwood, Henry Gee of Nature, Jetse De Vries of Shine fame (went to the book launch too), David Hebblethwaite who writes more reviews than me, Paul Raven of Futurismic, Justin Pickard and Neil Beynon of the Friday Flash Fictioneers, Gareth L Powell, famous for sharing my name, Aliette De Bodard, Ian Hocking, Philip Palmer, Chris Beckett, Colin Haynes, Stephen Hunt, Ian Watson and several people whose names I didn't catch.

The breathless, unending sentence above pretty much sums up the spirit of the whole day!

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