Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Year in Writing 2010

Looking through my writing spreadsheet, I seem to have accomplished a fair amount of writing this year. At the beginning of the year I finished the novelette that I was co-writing with Jonathan C Gillespie, and since then I’ve written 5 more short stories, amounting to less than 4,000 words. Since April, when I returned to writing my second novel Gap Years after a hiatus of several months, I have written another 70,000 words, and the end is in sight.

I had 13 stories published this year, only 2 of them new but one of those was my fourth pro sale, to Nature magazine. My stories appeared in 7 languages this year, 3 of which were new for me: Bengali, Italian and Frisian. Eight more stories have been accepted and are awaiting publication, including my first novelette and my first comic.

On top of the fiction, I had 37 reviews published on SF Crowsnest, averaging 500 words each.

What about 2011? Let me see what I have lined up…

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