Friday, January 07, 2011

Clockwork Chaos TOC

I managed to miss this when it was posted a month ago, but the complete TOC for the Clockwork Chaos steampunk anthology has been anounced, and it's nice to see I'm joined in the line up by Colin Harvey. The Journey Within is my first novelette sale. I don't have a confirmed publication date yet.

The Power of Her Position by Bernie Mojzes
Miss Winterdove and the Erupting Eulogist by Angel McCoy
Ambergris on Ice by Jeff Young
Timeless In A Bottle by Don D’Ammassa
Deadly Imitation by Patrick Thomas
Symphonie Magnifique by Dylan Fox
The Last Yong-Shi by Matt Dinniman
The Journey Within by Gareth D Jones
The Foxglove Broads by Gail Gray
Cuckoo Moon by Colin Harvey
The Ghost of Love VanMeek by Dan Ross
The Countess’ Doorman by Peter Medeiros
Bell, Cog, And Scandal by Rebecca Rozakis
King And County by Richard Marsden
Clockwork Angels by Sarah Miller
A Melody For Bast by James Chambers
The Curious Tale of Elizabeth Nigel by Patricia Puckett

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CB Harvey said...

Hi Gareth, just wanted to say hello and point out it's actually the other Colin Harvey in the Clockwork Chaos anthology. We're so often confused I now write under CB Harvey but for some reason this has been reverted to Colin in this instance. My website is