Friday, June 01, 2012

Random Interview Question: Aliette De Bodard

Aliette De Bodard has written numerous short stories that I've enjoyed, several of which have been nomianted for or won awards or been included in Year's Best anthologies. Her Aztec fantasy trilogy Obsidian and Blood concludes with Master of the House of Darts.

Q. If you didn't like darts, what House would you be Master of?

A. House of Flames, definitely! I like setting random things on fire on the internet, and reducing people's preconceptions to ashes (aka write rants on genre on my blog and monitor healthy discussion. I swear; I'm just keeping the flamethrower handy in case something breaks down :) ). Plus, I don't like cold climates, so having flames in the chimney is a nice bonus...

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Kris said...

Great writers! She has a new short story collection coming soon