Thursday, December 27, 2012

Another Year of Writing

The end of another year approaches, and I look back to find its been a slow year for writing and publishing. There have been lots of other things happening to take my time and attention away from writing, and I have been persisting in my attemps to break into the top fiction markets, which inevitably means more stories rejected and less published.

I've had three stories published this year, all translations and all three new languages for me: Scottish Gaelic, Danish and Dutch. I also self-published a story for the first time, getting to grips with e-publishing and its complexities.

I've written six new short stories of between 500 and 6000 word, which is actually more than I thought I'd done. I also spent quite some time working on the plot and outline of my new novel Promised Land, though I've barely started on the writing itself. I also spent a lot of time editing my TV series screenplay, which I found rather enjoyable. Still no idea if anything will come of it though.

Next year: who knows? More of the same, though in what quantity I have no idea.

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