Monday, December 30, 2013

A Year of Writing

In terms of sales and publications, 2013 has been my most successful yet, though certainly not my most prolific. In terms of writing I’ve done pretty well too.

I’ve written 8 stories this year – 5 of them flash fiction and 7 of them in the first half of the year. I wrote Hiking in My Head in January and it was published in Daily Science Fiction in August. Ode to an Earthworm was completed in May and published in Looking Landwards in October. The book launch for Looking Landwards at BristolCon was my first, in which I sat on the platform and talked about my story, as well as signing 100 sheets for the limited hardback edition. The others stories are still biding their time, or being edited. From April onwards I concentrated on my novel Galaxy’s Game and wrote 60,000 words to complete it in December.

In total I’ve had 4 semi-pro and 2 professional publications this year, along with 3 more appearances for The Gondolier, in Serbian, German and Ligurian. The year was rounded off nicely with the sale of The Sound of Death to IGMS, due out in the spring.

Meanwhile I’ve collected together my 10 stories that have appeared in Spanish and with permissions from the various translators put them together into an e-book that should be ready to launch early in the new year.

So another half dozen short stories are queuing up to be written, one novel is several thousand words in, several more novels are suggesting themselves to me. Looks like 2014 could be pretty busy!

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