Sunday, December 30, 2018

Reviews of 2018

This year I've written 28 book reviews on SF Crowsnest, including a lot of fantastic books by newly discovered authors. This has only been a part of the 85 books I've read altogether this year though.

Of course this means that yet again I've managed so much reading and reviewing because I've hardly written any fiction. I co-wrote one short story during the summer, and that's it for new fiction. I had 2 long stories published though: the Parsec Award finalist The Long Afternoon of Sir Rupert Moncrief on Gallery of Curiosities and the novelette Quivira, co-written with Jonathan C. Gillespie. My article 'Waste Management in Science Fiction' was also published in Putting the Science in Fiction.

More recently, I've been doing some work on editing my very first novel which has yet to see the light of day. That will keep me busy for a while...

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