Wednesday, September 27, 2023

The Gondolier Remix - Shakespeare Edition

The second author I decided to attempt to emulate with a remixed version of The Gondolier is none other than Shakespeare.

The black prow of my gondola so swift,

Cut smoothly through the waters o so calm,

Upon canals the craft gives me a lift

It’s many years of service like a charm.


For many passengers along the way

Through city’s waters I have been a guide

For generations of the service pay

To ancient kin of mine who have now died.

The sun sank down upon the city old,

And turned the water to a lane of ink

Of ribbon lain between the bricks of gold

Of sandstone buildings warm and gold and pink


I breathed in deeply of the evening breeze,
No city stands that is more beautiful

This wondrous city of canals doth please

So never is a day within it dull


As the boat into its mooring eased

I stopped to gaze with satisfied huzzahs

Another day in which I was so pleased

To be beneath the darking skies of Mars.

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