Thursday, July 12, 2007

Fiction #2 Review

Fiction returns with its 2nd issue, this time with a glossy cover to improve its air of professionalism, and the same informal, enthusiastic mix of reviews and comments. The fiction this time maintains or even improves the high standard set by issue #1.

Read my review at UK SF Review.


Anonymous said...

So my story "Sam" didn't float your boat in Issue #1 of Fiction?

Gareth D Jones said...

My review said:

'The eponymous Sam is a mysterious old man who befriends and adopts an orphan boy. The two obviously have some kind of connection, and Sam is more than he seems, but while several years are briefly condensed there is still a good feel for the relationship that develops between them. What Sam wants out of the relationship and who he actually is are not startling when revealed, but the story comes across with a warmth and a sense of history that make it a pleasant read.'

The only problem was due to the editors, who had introduced it as a 'vampirish' tale, so the ending wasn't a surprise because they'd given it away.