Friday, August 24, 2007

Magazine News

I'm a week behind noticing this, but issue #3 of Fiction magazine is now out, with good news that they are now going monthly, as they had originaly planned. More ambivalent is the news that they have switched to a downloadable PDF format, until the end of the year at least, with a possibility of returning to print next year. This does mean it's now free, but also looses the excitement for me of getting a real paper copy through the post to read. They've asked for feedback on the decision though, so make your feelings known.

Meanwhile, after a delay of several months, issue #9 of Forgotten Worlds has arrived and I'll be reading it over the weekend. I've also received the latest issues of Midnight Street and Dark Tales, so look out for reviews of all of them over the next couple of weeks.


Anonymous said...

Ah, but what are your feelings on Fiction going PDF?

Apparently the Harlow Star have ignored my Press Release and not given you any mention. I will protest at this. They didn't mention James Redington and the support he'd given me at comic cons either.

Gareth D Jones said...

It was good coverage, almost a whole page; apart obviously from the lack of me! :o(

I'm with you on preferring 'real' magazines. They feel more special.