Wednesday, January 02, 2008

What Did I Do in 2007?

It's time once more to think back on what I've accomplished in the writing field over the past year.

One of the highlights has to be my first professional publication, in Cosmos magazine. I was also very proud to appear in issue #1 of Murky Depths. My story Looking In,Looking out received many favourable comments and the artwork that accompanied it was phenomenal. I also had my first semi-professional sale, only just before the Cosmos sale, this one to Hub magazine.

Altogther I had 14 stories published last year, including reprints and translations. My first paid translation came in September when Absolute Zero was published in Ennea, a Greek magazine with an astounding circulation of 200,000. I added German and Spanish to my repertoir this year too.

I've written quite a selection of reviews as well, most recently on the well-respected Whispers of Wickedness site.

I also must mention the Friday Flash Fictioneers. Not only have I written loads of very short stories, but got to know several other authors along the way, most of whom I shall get to meet in the flesh finally at Eastercon this year.

So, onwards into 2008 for more of the same...

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