Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Welsh SF

Being just over half Welsh, I’ve been interested in finding out about the Welsh SF field. The Welsh SF Association website was only ever a holding page, and even that has disappeared. So, I haven’t found much up to now, until I discovered that Estronomicon magazine is based on a Welsh word and editor Steve Upham is involved in organising a Welsh SF convention. Details to be announced…

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Anonymous said...

9491I've met Steve Upham at AltFiction '07 in Derby. Unassuming, young, imaginative, creative - I hate him.
Kidding - he's going to publish two of my stories so he can't be bad.
I'll be attending the Welsh Event in June, cos at Adventure Books of Seattle we have Ant Gingell as a Welsh author (wrote Big Bang - a hilarious scifi novel) and I'm 17th Welsh.
I'll send you a review copy of our Escape Velocity mag if you haven't already bought one. Send me your contact address.

Geoff Nelder