Thursday, May 29, 2008

I'm Back

So I finally return to the land of the living. I had a week’s holiday in Hastings, Friday – Friday booking hence no FFF for 2 weeks again. The location inspired a title for this week’s FFF, so that will be appearing on-line tomorrow.

After that I was ill for several days. Lying round feeling horrendous is not conducive to writing, so despite the huge amounts of free time I didn’t get round to anything much until yesterday. I managed to iron out a few wrinkles in the plot of Eternity, so after a hiatus of a few weeks I wrote another 2000 words yesterday. The future of that novel is looking more firm. Now I’m back at work I can’t imagine I’ll have much time to make further significant progress though.

Meanwhile, I received replies to 5 submissions, a startling amount for a 2 week period. Three were rejections, one for a reprint that I had vague hopes for and 2 for stories that I’ve almost given up on. One in particular I was convinced I’d found the ideal market for, so that was a big disappointment.

I also received a reply from an anthology, which said ‘thanks, but you seem to have attached the wrong story’. Oops. Not a great way to impress an editor!

Finally, an acceptance! Inside Every Succesful Man, first published in Hub last year, has been accepted by ClonePod. Not only will this be my first podcast, but is also the first story to be accepted three times: It’s already slated to appear in Italian webzine Intercom SF later this year.

So that’s me up-to-date. More news as it appears.

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