Thursday, July 24, 2008

Friday Flash Anniversary

This month sees the anniversary of Gareth L Powell’s Friday Flash Fiction. I joined in after 3 weeks, making it a whole year for me too. I haven’t managed every week, particularly in the past 3 months, but throughout the year I’ve written 34 stories averaging 260 words each.

Some of my favourites are:

Delayed Reaction
The Gondolier
Gone with the Window
Never Talk to Strangers

Additionally, 3 have been translated into Spanish and another 2 are due in the next couple of months. Eight appeared in the Illuminations anthology and one is to be printed in amended form in VW Camper & Commercials.

Now that I’m concentrating on the Roadmaker novel and have a couple of other short stories on the go I shall be mostly retiring form active duty with the Flash Fictioneers. I’m sure inspiration will still strike randomly and oblige me to join in from time to time.

Tomorrow will be the final entry of my year as a Fictioneer. In an Asimovian kind of way I’ve managed to link 2 totally unrelated stories in a tale that sees the return of Rufus Balikind, the Galaxy’s greatest hunter.

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