Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I'm in Focus

The latest Focus and Vector magazines arrived at the weekend from the BSFA. On the back inside cover of Focus – the magazine for writers – is an advert for Jupiter, with my name listed among the contributors, along with Neil Beynon. The Flash Fictioneers are rather well represented in fact. Martin McGrath is the editor and there’s an article by Paul Raven.

Meanwhile I’m in the early stages of planning an article for the next issue of Focus. I’ve had indications of interest in the idea, so I shall start work on it pretty soon. It’s quite daunting to think about writing some non-fiction for a change, but I guess it’s no different from some of the waffle on this blog. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Also in Focus is the news that the BSFA is to take over administration of the James White Award. This gave me the sudden and pleasing thought that I no longer qualify to enter that contest, or others such as Writers of the Future. My three professional sales rule me out.

One of the other articles was about planning a novel. I found that particularly enlightening as I tend to keep plots and plans in my head. There are some very practical suggestions that I think I shall adopt.

Over in Vector magazine I glanced through the book reviews to find that a large proportion of them were of fantasy books. Nothing against fantasy, but I thought I joined the British Science Fiction Association?!

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Anonymous said...

It can't be long before we achieve world domination! :)

Re. Vector, I imagine that it's down to the books received more than anything else, but I'd also be interested in hearing from Kari Sperring or one of the other Vector editors about that.