Thursday, November 27, 2008

Meanwhile, back in the present

In the past couple of weeks I’ve completed reviews of Murky Depths #6 – which is by far the best-looking magazine in existence, and of Perfect Circle by Carlos J Cortes. Both should be appearing at SF Crowsnest at the beginning of December.

I’m now reading Seeds of Earth by Michael Cobley. This is the earliest ARC I’ve seen – not due for publication until March. Interzone #219 arrived yesterday and as usual I turned straight to Ansible Link which is always entertaining. Also this week I caught up with recent issues of Hub and particularly enjoyed James Targett’s fabulous story Automatic Swan, Fusion Heart.

Two other exciting developments this week:

• For the first time I’ve received advance payment, for a story due out next year.
• I’m in secret negotiations to have a story translated into Catalan. That will be really cool.

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