Wednesday, November 26, 2008

When I Was Young (Part 2)

I remember the first book I got from the adult section of the library, when I was 11 and had started secondary school. I managed to convince my parents that I should be allowed an adult book as it was a Space 1999 novelisation, which I’d watched on the telly so must be OK. This was 1984, when everyone except me was watching the new Dune film. So Dune was the second book. I remember loving the little quotes at the beginning of each chapter but finding the book as a whole quite hard going. I also read a short story collection that included a Dragonriders of Pern tale and from then on became addicted to Ann McCaffrey’s series and still read each book as it appears now.

I also remember being put off PKD’s books by the strange titles and pictures on the cover. It’s only in the past five years that I’ve discovered his brilliance. Strange how youthful impressions can affect reading habits for years to come.

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