Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Four Stories

Brazilian publisher Lusiadas have published their two flash fiction e-anthologies, I Lusiadas in Poruguese and I Antologio Luzidoj in Esperanto.

Both contain my stories The Gondolier and The Emporer's New Forcefield. That makes 4 published languages for Emporer and 8 for The Gondolier, though it's 26 languages in total for the latter.

I'm up to 17 published languages now - 13 of them new this year, and a grand total of 38 publications this year.


Simon Kewin said...

Fantastic news - quite an impressive publication total this year! Inspired by your blog I've been submitting some of my previously-published SF to non-English markets too. One success so far, hopefully more to follow ...

Gareth D Jones said...

Thanks Simon, Glad to hear you're entering the foreign market field.