Friday, August 07, 2015

Englebert at Daily Science Fiction

My short story Englebert is on line today at Daily Sience Fiction. This is my second story to appear there after last year's Hiking In My Head, and like that one also follows a non-linear chronology.


Julia said...

Great story, thanks for writing it. The story's structure is fresh and you gave us the best short story protagonist I've read in a while. What a noble dromedary.

Roboholic said...

I just read your story "Englebert" and enjoyed it greatly, enough to follow the link that brought me here. I would very much like to read "The Gondolier"; can you tell me where I can find it (in English)?

Gareth D Jones said...

Thanks Julia & Roboholic, glad you enjoyed it.

Where is 'The Gondolier' in English? Good question. It's appeared on a couple of the foreign language sites, but I've lost track. I'll post it again here.